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returntothepit >> discuss >> still well angel by hippie on Jul 22,2004 11:48pm
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toggletoggle post by hippie at Jul 22,2004 11:48pm
Does anybody know anything about Still Well Angel??? What kind of music they were? Who was in the band? Did the guitarist of Jaded record any demo's with them?? Do they have a website???

toggletoggle post by powerkok   at Jul 23,2004 12:01am
I remember them from tillys in concord, my old band used to play shows with them.they were a 3 PEICE, ROCK BAND (DISTURBED-ISH) then got a chick guitarist, and then I dunno, but I saw them in a Daddys catalog ad.

toggletoggle post by hoser at Jul 23,2004 1:21am
They suck MASSIVELY......amazingly HUGE suckage....

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at Jul 24,2004 4:28pm
i remember that band. the twin bros (i think they were the drummer and singer/guitarist) were friends with our old guitarist and i remember seeing them live. they had some girl who worked at daddy's junky music (can't remember which daddy's) and i think she might be the girl from jaded. she looks familiar in those pics the rev posted from that lacuna coil show. all i remember about still well angel is that they had a godsmack/waaf style to them and i wasn't a fan of it. the drummer apparently told my old guitarist that my band was "pretty good for a death metal band" (we weren't death metal at the time but were heavier than we are now) and overall he had an elitist attitude and looked down on death metal from his high perch in the godsmack soundalike world.

toggletoggle post by Todd(bombshelter) at Jul 24,2004 4:34pm
Still well angel is yes basically a disturbed/pantera/Godsmack type band ,and she (brittney ) was in the band for a short time ,though i do not believe she ever recorded with them ..and now she is with Jaded

toggletoggle post by BornSoVile   at Jul 25,2004 2:01am
what daddy's was it?

toggletoggle post by DYA is DUAL BISMUTH YAW GATE at Nov 26,2014 7:16pm
bump for OP being obviously in Still Well Angel

toggletoggle post by Onlyecistrebutivyimoteeth at Sep 9,2017 3:30am
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