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returntothepit >> discuss >> Nostalgia. by XrainbowbrightX on Sep 4,2002 7:25pm
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toggletoggle post by XrainbowbrightX at Sep 4,2002 7:25pm
This is an old forum, so no one will probably ever read what Im about to write. Regardless, it will be good to get it out of me. I played drums for the enclitic, and looking back on it it was one of the best times of my life. I loved those guys so much, I still do, although I never see any of them. I havent seen Brian since he left Kentucky. I see Eben randomly and rarely in Portsmouth. I've seen Kevin maybe twice and I'm pretty sure Derek is still not talking to me. I think about it alot lately, about how I spent the better half of my time with these guys for a whole year then all of a sudden, nothing. I miss the music,yes, but most of all I just miss my friends...a whole lot.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Sep 5,2002 6:55am

toggletoggle post by eben at Sep 5,2002 11:37am
Its strange that this post popped up right aorund the same time i was feeling super nostalgic.

Hi jeff!
Long time no see. how you been?
me? I work 7 days a week... :^( and spend most of my nights driving to MA to see Wei Wei. But I'll have you know, the topic of almost all of what i talk to her about is basically how much i miss the:enclitic as a whole, as well as the induviduals such as yourself. i talk to derek seldomly, but never kevin, brian, or you.
I've been trying unsucsessfully to start a mathrock band with spock, but as you can see, i dont have a minute to my name these days.
so, i just wanted to say hello and that I'm still alive, still living in Kittery, waiting to see if I will be attending Ai this Winter.
reply back, I would post my number on here, but you know how the crazy enclitic fans are, they might prank me.

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Sep 5,2002 12:46pm
down with ai: mass comm! bah!

toggletoggle post by eben at Sep 5,2002 2:25pm
whatever, if i can get into any school I'll be content.
its a decent small sized school with nice equipment, have you been there?

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Sep 5,2002 2:38pm
Ive been going there for a year and living in boston. Though, I just dropped this semester. I may go back for winter, but probably not.

you'll see how fucked up they are eventually.

mass comm. = housing sluts.

toggletoggle post by eben at Sep 6,2002 11:55am
i just want to do soemthing besides work 40 hours a week.
my buddy charlie goes there, he said it is sort of fucked up, but perfect for me... go figure.

toggletoggle post by joshua at Sep 6,2002 1:47pm
eben pointed me towards this, i myself, though not an enclitic member in the end, have constant nostalgia about the band. and more about all the great times, sleep overs, food parties we all have had. to think about it all makes me kinda choke up as stupid as it sounds because, well, i miss my friends, and because i left that band nothing has ever been the same.
i only talk to eben now, and never in person.
jeff i have seen once or twice.
derek doesnt speak with me
nor does kevin, which is very odd to me.

i guess i did a lot to hurt others in leaving the band in the way i did and i really wish i tried my best to stick thru it all. in some ways i am a little hurt not being mentioned as a member anymore, but bygones be bygones and yadda yadda. to all those in the band, i miss you now, and forever. i am sorry to have struck such a hole into our friendships.

till next time when our paths cross.
love, josh

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Sep 6,2002 3:22pm
josh you owned unlike that brian f4g. hehehe. i didn't like enclitic's music at all to be honest, that is not real grind to me.

it kind of seems to me that in the end, enclitic broke up a lot of friendships in a way. when hsm was together pretty much everyone was friends and hung out. then kevin, and jeff left hsm to be in enclitic and that pretty much blew assho.. moving to boston for a year didn't help much for me i guess. i miss all the rediculously fun times with hsm, tears, and friends. I haven't seen kevin in so damn long and I miss him too. Josh Ive seen recently, but now when I move back up here, he moves to boston (go figure!). Jeff I haven't seen in easily a year, Derek Ive seen and talked to a little bit, but not much. He still likes to break out his package at random times which is funny as hell.

im done rambling.

toggletoggle post by there are 2 things in life at Sep 7,2002 4:39am
Is it me or are alot of bands jumping on the grind bandwagon?? It's not good grind either, random minor 7th chords, a mod-kid singer, and a drummer that ONLY knows bad blast beats don't make for good grind.

You just have to love fashion grind bands.

toggletoggle post by there are 2 things in my pants at Sep 7,2002 12:56pm
so whats your way elite band, Mr. high and mighty?

I say to each his own, if you want to be is a crap grind band, more power. if you can assemble a good band, whatever it may be, more power.
in time these crap bands you speak of wont make a ripple in the "SCENE" history, so why sweat it?

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Sep 7,2002 2:19pm
should call it indie-grind. hehehe grind that indie kids listen too.

toggletoggle post by nick at Sep 16,2002 5:26pm
wow i loved all the screaming.
ohh the screaming, the screaming.
i hate CT. i wish i lived in NH.
nothing good ever happens in CT.
except the failsafe device.

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Sep 16,2002 6:00pm
NH isn't as good as it use to be. heh

toggletoggle post by xmikex at Sep 16,2002 8:16pm
while there has been quite a rise in the whole mixing of mod kids and grind (which I don't really get), the fact still remains, the good bands will prevail and the shitty ones will be left in the dust. any new "grind" band tries to pretend they invented the concept of screaming and blast beats without paying their dues to the old bands before them don't make it in my book. But like every form of music it has to progress and change to a certain extent. If there were 200,000 bands that all sounded exactly like Assuck or Phobia, as much as I love them, we'd get sick of it pretty fast.

the whole emo crossover thing is more apparent in the whole metalcore <i>thing</i>. every band has their generic emo name made up of the same 10 words over and over. then these heartfelt emo poems for lyrics leaving me to ask....wait a minute weren't you trying to be brutal?? dropping breakdowns in place of these poison the well melodies just doesn't do much for me.

it's pretty much a trick to get girls to notice you, is that what being in a band is pretty much about on some level anyways.

but yea, josh was a better singer then brian.......but what do i know

toggletoggle post by v1olenc3   at Sep 16,2002 10:20pm
in my opinion, alot of bands that deem themselves 'grind' tend to have very simliar parts, and i don't think it's due to the fact that it's with in the grind genre, and to be honest i don't really know why alot of grind bands tend to sound alike. i think alot more people like grind now a days and bands naturely want to be liked. plus i've noticed grind kids have a certain look and attitude, you can look like an emo kid but still be sort of a wise ass. But i agree with xmikex the good bands will prevail, and the shitty ones won't. i also agree with nick, CT is shit right now. nothing to do with grind but true none the less. and just for the record, my bands name isn't from the stock pile of band name friendly words, Invocation Of Nehek??? hardly sounds like 'a heart fades forever' hehehe

toggletoggle post by boner breath at Sep 19,2002 12:13am
ok, whoever sees this post.. try to name all the 3 word band names that start with the word "the"


the red chord
the august prophecy
the failsafe device
the hope cospirace
the foster portfolio
the farewell chapter
the darkest hour

god damn.. theres more.. what are they?

toggletoggle post by v1olenc3   at Sep 19,2002 9:57am
don't forget to make a list of seasonal/month/time of year names too, that seems to be the hip new thing. haha

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Sep 19,2002 10:18am
the crown
the dillinger escape plan
the foresaken
the gathering
the haunted
the project hate
the year of our lord
gT:gH:gE: gM:gO:gR:gB:gI:gD:gA:gN:gG:gE:gL:

man if this only was a punk rock list. hah.

toggletoggle post by eben at Sep 19,2002 11:26am
damnit tom, i said 3 words.

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Sep 19,2002 11:41am
oh i see now, why 3 words?

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Sep 19,2002 11:42am
darkest hour is just darkest hour.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Sep 19,2002 11:43am
I have no idea.
who's boner breath? thought it was tom halo....

toggletoggle post by garamel at Sep 19,2002 3:20pm
to the nostalgic demons.

jeff, you let me down, along others. and your lack of care to play and practice your drums got us a shitty review in alot of big magazines but look man... why dont i make an effort to talk to you? well you quit. not me. imagine your GF breaking up with you then her getting huffy and puffy cuz you dont call, you know!! you want to hang? sounds good give me a ring, yes i do miss you like a warm hole.but im not the one who should be calling..617 233 1585

josh was a better singer than bryan, i think josh is still a+, i just wish pestilence on his GF. he deserves better.

the enclitic did more than any band out of NH in the past 4 years than backstabber inc. we assembled, wrote, recorded relased NOT CD3 music, toured, played, and shit on most of you. all in under 7 months, so bite a bone sauce... pooch.

the fail safe device ruins everyone. they shred. they make every local band look like shit.

nh is gay now. cuz i live in mass.


dont talk about " new grind bands paying their dues" to old grind bands. next time i play ill make sure to thank nassum and brutal truth for all thet have done for me, smart ass.

the old enclitic singer brian wasnt a mod, he was a f4g he ditched us on tour to hang with his lame GF.

tom couture makes me laugh harder than anyone, he shreds. eben is my man, and will always be my man.

im doing a band with quinn and nick from farewell chapter and we are currently seeking another guitarist. this will pick up where farewell chapter left off, think of enclitic with a good drummer, or a farewell chapter with good guitarist(tyler was good but he just cried to much) but it will be hot.

love drek

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Sep 19,2002 7:44pm
boner demon,

nh is definetly gay now. I move to boston, you guys move to boston. now I moved back to me/nh and its gay. not the same anymore.

tim murphy and I have been writing guitar tracks so watch out for some brooootal shit sometime in the future. we have no place to practice with bordersauce yet. i have no problem just layind down guitar parts for now. no rush, which is a mistake a lot of bands do i think...

and fuck tyler and brian from farewell chapter, they fare a couple of fagarioz. the rest of the band is cool i think.
and tyler, yes too much crying bullshit. play your guitar or go fucking cry a river, pick one.

i miss the halo house.

pellet guns and arabian goggles.


toggletoggle post by xmikex at Sep 20,2002 12:42am
derek i think you misread/misinterpreted what i wrote. but whatever.

in other news, taylor is a fucking clown, fact.

toggletoggle post by xmikex at Sep 20,2002 12:43am
taylor, tyler whatever.

toggletoggle post by wordvirusjoshua   at Sep 20,2002 1:30am
looking for a pestilenced boy toy on the mic?

or am i out?

damn me, mr. rationalboots.

dicks for life and charity, josh

toggletoggle post by XrainbowbrightX at Oct 15,2002 7:51pm
Hahah! I love the way this forum turned out! Anyway, what's a really bad drummer supposed to think about all of this. Oh well, have fun in boston, keep on keepin' on.

toggletoggle post by Paul at Oct 15,2002 10:38pm
Honestly ive yet to hear one band out of this area that is "true grind", i mean my band even though we are labeled as grind we arent grind. Ive heard so many amazing bands from these areas, but none are truely grind. Bands like retalitaion, the kill , unholy grave, enemy soil, i guess they are "true grind". all of the bands in the area such as in dire need, letters from the dead, the red chord whoever they are all amazing. and it really doesnt matter if they are grind or not or whatever.

toggletoggle post by AllanHoldsworth   at Oct 15,2002 11:19pm
dude. what the hell? fake grind bands using minor 7 chords? you've got to be completely retarded. are you fucking dumb? In 4 and a half years I've never heard a band in the hardcore scene play a minor 7 chord. I think there's a penis inside you.

toggletoggle post by babysbreath   at Oct 16,2002 12:05am
just call it the "mr bungle chord"
thats where it first came about, and it sounds oh so wierd. yea right

toggletoggle post by Cody  at Oct 17,2002 1:26pm
remember when the only bands in the "scene" were...iranach, demise of a thousand, and tripline......hahahahaha i miss that!

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 17,2002 2:29pm
you mean back when it was only:
Life Passed on
As I Bleed

or before that when it was all
Candy stripper death orgy

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Oct 17,2002 4:23pm edited Oct 17,2002 4:24pm
hehe, no shit eh?, do you remember the elvis presley scene?

there was a scene before tripline iranach, and demise boner.
for NH it usually conisted of bands like:
overcast / as i bleed / fault / ookla the mok / life passed on / cave in / driven, then veiled, now blood has been shed / reaction / fragment / 3 1/2 girls / crisis / torn between / diecast / non-composmentis / ten yard fight, even sykofant and oxford snow kings haha.

dude, i still have a folder with tons of flyers for old safe n sound shows, and even calender dates. its funny.

toggletoggle post by ninjagrind   at Oct 17,2002 9:20pm

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