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returntothepit >> discuss >> Here's hoping that GRANDMOTHERWEB gets wiped out by Coronavirus by Charlotte‘s Ancestors on Mar 23,2020 4:09pm
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toggletoggle post by Charlotte‘s Ancestors at Mar 23,2020 4:09pm

toggletoggle post by #Facts at Mar 23,2020 4:46pm
She has tried to embrace her chronic unattractiveness by "transitioning" from a female to a mutilated female, but every time she looks in the mirror, there's that person she hates, staring back at her. So sad, really. If only her pedophile cult training could help her amount to anything other than following in her daddy pedophile footsteps, that'd be great. It's got to be horrible to hate yourself so much that you literally try to become someone else, and the person she's trying to become is a pedo... Wow. It's like those "ancestors" could see what their family would become, the horror on their faces is palpable.

toggletoggle post by WTF DUDE at Mar 23,2020 4:59pm

toggletoggle post by Charlotte‘s Ancestors at Mar 25,2020 9:55pm
Fuck this dumb bitch!

toggletoggle post by Iggy L‘Piggy at Mar 26,2020 1:37pm
She is a bit retarded to say the least. Her fake disease is her excuse for being stupid.

toggletoggle post by nobody cares at Mar 26,2020 4:54pm
Her ancestors would not be happy.

toggletoggle post by Charlotte‘s Ancestors at Mar 26,2020 7:59pm
nobody%20cares said[orig][quote]
Her ancestors would not be happy.

We definitely are not.

toggletoggle post by nobody cares at Mar 27,2020 6:47am
She loves to spam the board with shit that nobody gives a rat's ass about.

toggletoggle post by monkeys eat dog shit at Mar 27,2020 4:04pm
monkeys eat dog shit

toggletoggle post by Packer at Mar 30,2020 8:38pm
Not sure i get the old picture reference, maybe you can explain it.

toggletoggle post by nobody cares at Mar 30,2020 8:58pm
I guess she gave it to TST to prover her heritage or some shit.

toggletoggle post by packer at Mar 31,2020 3:45pm
How does that prove her heritage, I'm confused.

are the heads switched? they both look like shit because it was probably taken in 1800s.

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