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returntothepit >> discuss >> SKELETONWITCH post new single, When Paradise Fades by the_reverend on Jun 14,2018 11:11am
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jun 14,2018 11:11am
SKELETONWITCH hit us with the second track "When Paradise Fades" from their forthcoming album, Devouring Radiant Light out July 20th on Prothesthic Records. The band's guitarist Nate Garnette calls it "a supercharged nano-epic that takes you from greasy rock n roll, to off-the-rails blackened destruction and beyond." He further explains, "I tried to keep the intensity and grit front-and-center while making it a journey instead of a two-minute banger."


While black metal has always been a recognizable component of the SKELETONWITCH DNA, Devouring Radiant Light sees the band crashing headlong into the subgenre like never before. And where SKELETONWITCH previously ran its output through a Second Wave Black Metal filter, Devouring incorporates a strong atmospheric influence. Bergtatt-era Ulver and Cascadian black metal lineage are palpable. From ethereal intros to tremolo sky-ride leads, Devouring is draped with and adorned in the musical lexicon of black metal, but the expansion of influence does not stop there.

They've succeeded where many have failed: they have reformulated their sound mid-career with dizzyingly triumphant results. Since their inception over a decade ago, SKELETONWITCH have been known for blending and bending metal subgenres. The members' collective love of Judas Priest, classic-era Metallica and Immortal has always been worn on their sleeves and remains evident. However, it's the band's blacker leanings that have shifted to the forefront and altered the tenor of the through line on this latest offering.

Devouring Radiant Light was recorded by Converge guitarist and engineering deity Kurt Ballou (High on Fire, Kvelertak, Chelsea Wolfe) at GodCity Studio in Salem, MA. The band's rapport with Ballou provided the familiarity necessary to embrace uncharted creative territory. Melodeath genre architect Fredrik Nordström (Opeth, At the Gates) mixed the album at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden. The record was mastered by Brad Boatright of metallic hardcore greats From Ashes Rise at Audiosiege Engineering in Portland, OR.

Just after a long spring North American run with Obituary and Pallbearer, SKELETONWITCH ready a European tour in support of Devouring Radiant Light this month. U.S. fall dates with System of a Down and At The Drive-In have been confirmed. Check below for a full list and stay tuned for more.

PRE-ORDER Devouring Radiant Light by SKELETONWITCH here:

Album Artwork By: Stefan Thanneur
Devouring Radiant Light - Tracklisting
1 - Fen of Shadows
2 - When Paradise Fades
3 - Temple of the Sun
4 - Devouring Radiant Light
5 - The Luminous Sky
6 - The Vault
7 - Carnarium Eternal
8 - Sacred Soil
For more previews of the new album, listen and watch the visualizer for the haunting single "Fen Of Shadows" at:

10/13: San Bernardino, CA - Glen Helen Amphitheater ^
10/16: Phoenix, AZ - Talking Stick Resort Arena ^
10/17: San Diego, CA - Valley View Casino Center ^
10/19: Las Vegas, NV - T-Mobile Arena ^
^ - w/ System of a Down and At The Drive-In

06/21: Linköping, Sweden - The Crypt
06/22: Oslo, Norway - TONS OF ROCK
06/23: Kiel, Germany - Kieler Schaubude
06/24: Weinheim, Germany - Cafe Zentraal
06/26: Zurich, Switzerland - Werk 21
06/28: Barcelona, Spain - Sala Upload
06/29: Zaragoza, Spain - Sala King Kong
06/30: Vitoria, Spain - Urban Rock Concept
07/2: Nantes, France - Ferreilleur
07/4: Hannover, Germany - Béi Chéz Heinz
07/6: Roskilde, Denmark - ROSKILDE FESTIVAL
07/7: Bucharest, Romania - METALHEAD MEETING
07/8: Cluj-Nopoca, Romania - Hard Club
07/9: Budapest, Hungary
07/10: Bratislava, Slovakia - Fuga
07/11: Graz, Austria - Club Q
07/12: Ballenstedt, Germany - BANG YOUR HEAD
07/13: Eindhoven, Netherlands - Dynamo
07/14: Anyksciai, Lithuania - DEVILSTONE OPEN AIR
07/17: Roeselare, Belgium - De Verlichte Geest
07/18: Oberhausen, Germany - Kulttempel
07/19: Osnabruck, Germany - Bastard Club
07/20: Bertingen, Germany - RUDE
07/21: Weil am Reihn, Germany - BADEN IN BLUT
07/23: Tolmin, Slovenia - METAL DAYS
07/25: Brno, Czech Republic - Melodka
07/26: Munich, Germany - FREE & EASY
07/27: Wiesbaden, Germany - Schlachthof
07/28: Steenwijk, Netherlands - STONEHENGE FESTIVAL
07/29: Utrecht, Netherlands - De Helling

Scott Hedrick - Guitar
Nate Garnette - Guitar
Evan Linger - Bass
Adam Clemans - Vocals

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Labels: Prosthetic Records

toggletoggle post by susurrate at Jun 14,2018 6:06pm
saw them at nemhf 04 or 05 i think. wasn't blown away at all but the crowd seemed to be into it. checked this tune out from the new record when it was suggested and i thought it was alright. the one posted here does nothing for me though.


toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jun 14,2018 8:11pm
They aren’t bad. I like the original singer better. I also have pics in one of their cds.

toggletoggle post by GrahamMason at Nov 6,2018 5:50am
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