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returntothepit >> discuss >> Missouri Court to Hear Landmark Case on Satanic Temple Abortion by grandmotherweb on Sep 8,2017 4:25pm
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toggletoggle post by grandmotherweb at Sep 8,2017 4:25pm

"The individual’s concept regarding personhood is the fractured foundation for many debates regarding reproductive legislation. Beliefs about beginning of life are purely philosophical and religious in nature. There’s no scientific consensus about this point.

In a 2015 Wired article, Scott Gilbert, a developmental biologist concludes, “science has very little to do with the answer.” Abortion opponents such as former Representative Pratt and others like to use the terms “unborn,” “child,” and “human life,” interchangeably as if they were all the same. But that’s obviously not the case.

A fertilized egg isn’t the same as the toddler and the Supreme Court has ruled on this point in Roe V. Wade when the court said that a fetus is not a person but “potential life,” and thus does not have constitutional rights of its own.

In fact, the Supreme Court has refused to hear cases which have sought to define an embryo as a human being from the moment of conception, as there is no secular purpose for defining life in this way."

i wish TST the best of luck with this endeavor, knowing full well that they will probably fail miserably, the same way they fail at everything ever.
hopefully, the outrage generated in the media will prompt people with deeper pockets to file their own lawsuits on #FreeSpeech grounds.

also, end the stalking of child abuse survivors IMMEDIATELY, as well as the harassment of any therapist who treats D.I.D. patients.

this is not a request.

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