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returntothepit >> discuss >> Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor - August 26th Las Vegas by susurrate on Jun 14,2017 7:14pm
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toggletoggle post by susurrate at Jun 14,2017 7:14pm
Really didn't think this was going to happen. Gonna be nuts.

toggletoggle post by those two guys are so annoying at Jun 15,2017 8:44am
can the loser be executed? also the winner too.

toggletoggle post by RTTP Department of Zero Fucks at Jun 15,2017 3:27pm
susurrate said[orig][quote]
Gonna be nuts.

Nuts? Anyone who watches this fucking joke is nuts. $100 to watch a 10- second "fight" sounds fucking stupid. The only way Connor gets a punch in is if Mayweather ties his hands behind his back and blindfolds himself. I'll laugh at the highlights the following day for free thanks.

toggletoggle post by Killer Kadoogan at Jun 15,2017 6:18pm
way more excited about Ward-Kovalev 2 on saturday. Kovalev got fahkin rawbed last time

toggletoggle post by MotleyGrue at Jun 15,2017 9:15pm
Superfight! Mayweather will most likely win, but has the punching power of a pillow, I am putting my money on McGregor, the odds if I wan will pay off!

toggletoggle post by NewsFlash at Jun 15,2017 10:15pm
Every fucking major boxing bout is fixed...get over it. If you think this is a fair and honest fight, you're dumber than the anon people who post on this board. It's an obvious cash-grab, as with every major bought in the past 30 years. Enjoy the undercard and fuck off.

toggletoggle post by susurrate at Jun 15,2017 10:24pm
$100 million dollars and $200 million plus for the purse. Of course it's a cash-grab and not competitive.

toggletoggle post by MotleyGrue at Jun 15,2017 10:40pm
They are? I was just born yesterday, so thanks fagget. But seriously this is a train wreck that I need to watch under the influence.

toggletoggle post by MotleyGrue at Jun 15,2017 10:41pm edited Jun 15,2017 11:39pm
I just want to see Mayweather get punched in his stupid face.

toggletoggle post by Penis And Penis at Jun 20,2017 1:26am
I hope they double knock each other out.

toggletoggle post by punched in the head at Jun 20,2017 4:24pm

toggletoggle post by MotleyGrue at Jul 13,2017 2:41pm
Highlights from yesterdays shit show in Toronto.


toggletoggle post by Sad but true dept at Jul 13,2017 3:24pm
As much I as dislike floyd and as much as I dislike mcgregor, I enjoy their shit talking and that energy. Floyd can't read and his insults are all kind fluff....Mcgregor has a punchers chance which in boxing equates to almost nothing vs a turtle like floyd.

See also: Your flacid cock that doesn't work.

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