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returntothepit >> discuss >> Tree & Rope is Raynard by Failed Suicide & Rope on Aug 2,2016 4:30pm
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toggletoggle post by Failed Suicide & Rope at Aug 2,2016 4:30pm
Shoot yourself once if yes.

Twice if no.

toggletoggle post by Tree & Rope at Aug 2,2016 5:26pm
Wrong! How about I just empty the magazine into you then treat myself to a hearty lunch.

toggletoggle post by GEORGE ZIMMER, MAN at Aug 2,2016 5:40pm
^^^ classic Raynard emotional overreaction, theory proven

toggletoggle post by ANTIFA RTTP at Aug 2,2016 5:43pm
Tree & Rope doesn't have a brain to shoot.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Aug 2,2016 9:34pm
his answers doesn't sound anything like raynard.

toggletoggle post by It's Raynard at Aug 2,2016 10:59pm
Aimless unfunny butthurt response to try and not look butthurt

It's Raynard

toggletoggle post by Tree & Rope at Aug 3,2016 6:20am
I don't know why I can't get a girlfriend.

toggletoggle post by Tree & Rope at Aug 3,2016 1:40pm
Nice try at stealing my troll handle you fucking retard. And if you are so concerned about my sex life ask your mother how was last night.

toggletoggle post by xmikex at Aug 3,2016 5:25pm
^ 2/10

toggletoggle post by the matter is settled at Aug 3,2016 10:11pm
confirmed for Raynard

toggletoggle post by Check it out! at Aug 5,2016 1:00pm
trees and ropes enjoy a good horsemeat and doesnt afrade of anything

toggletoggle post by blert at Aug 5,2016 1:42pm

toggletoggle post by News Flash at Aug 5,2016 2:11pm

toggletoggle post by Before & After at Jul 12,2017 5:25pm

toggletoggle post by Before & After at Jul 12,2017 5:26pm

toggletoggle post by OP should probably... at Jul 13,2017 7:58am
Just Raynard yourself.

toggletoggle post by fixd at Jul 13,2017 8:56am
* 12 years of unsuccessful suicide artist

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