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Joined: Jan 29, 2004
Last Updated: Nov 18, 2008
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GOREALITY Death Metal from Mass. (5747)
Pathos Productions Underground Extreme Metal record label and distro. (5728)
Pathos Productions myspace page Pathos on myspace (5780)
Jimmy's Saloon (Newport, RI) Jimmy's Saloon (Newport, RI) (4624)

Please kill yourself and someone you love.
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Metal Professor.
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User Comments
New:: post by ddrummer at Oct 29,2008 7:31pm
Subject: dissector
hey man, do you still have any copys of Zombie Panic? i saw some i nthe box you posted in the pics of yourself thread. ive been trying to get that shit since it came out haha. suggestions?

New:: post by alexc at Sep 20,2008 5:33pm
Subject: yo duder
are you gonna be at the show tonight? i havent sent out your package, so ill just hold it off and give you the stuff then. lemme know.


New:: post by the_reverend at May 10,2008 11:47am
Subject: ah1!
is this the real pathos?

New:: post by corpus_colostomy at Mar 20,2008 9:03pm
Subject: ConQueer The Faggoguy
to funny yo..

New:: post by CassieLynn at Nov 12,2007 3:33am
Subject: Hey
Just stopping by to say hola

New:: post by immortal13 at May 30,2007 8:53pm
Subject: June 23
Hey man,
If you wanna bring your collection in your distro to sell at the show, feel free. I know I'm looking forward to the show and I think that would just ad to it.

-Greg Mann
In Death Records/Booking

New:: post by TheAccursedDrummer at May 17,2007 8:48pm
Subject: Death Box Set
Shipped today in a big old box filled with Styrofoam peanuts and bubble paper. Should be there soon, hopefully before the weekend. Let me know when it arrives.

New:: post by pam at Apr 18,2007 2:43pm
Subject: hey dickhead
You still want to distro at DeeDee's? Let me know so I can let them know to have some tables out.

New:: post by Joshtruction at Feb 13,2007 4:02am
Subject: Distro
Whats up man? Do you want to set up your distro at chariots of fire festival later this year? If so let me know.

New:: post by SapremiaNJ at Oct 11,2006 4:31pm
Subject: Mortal Decay
I noticed Cadaver Art in your playlist. I actually did the vocals on tracks #2 and #5 on that albumn. Cadaverous Sculptures Parts 1 and 2. Just a tidbit!

New:: post by litacore at Aug 5,2006 9:27pm
Subject: godless rising
my Maelstrom review
GODLESS RISING - Rising Hatred - CD - Pathos Productions - 2006
review by: Larissa Glasser

Rising Hatred is very aggressive, old-skull thrash / death from the Mordor that is Rhode Island. Guttural yet technical, aggressive yet deliberate, Godless Rising is poised to lead the New England metal scene. The band comprises former members of Vital Remains, Ritual Sacrifice, and Amputator, so in a way, Godless Rising could be considered a supergroup. Their recent signing to The Moribund Cult heralds much more to come.

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of this recording is its Ď80s production style, hearkening back to the good old Florida nostalgia of early Death and Obituary. The iniquitous narratives "Soulless," "Devour the Cross," and "Mortal Failures" are standouts.

Godless Rising plays A LOT of shows, which partly explains the strength of the bandís performance on Rising Hatred. On tour as of July, some of you Bay Area thrashers may even catch them at the Elbow Room on August 9, 2006. If you want your metal to sound intimidating, here is the ritual. (8.5/10)

New:: post by the_reverend at May 4,2006 3:03pm

please tell me what bands on that list are on your label.

New:: post by Cecchini at Apr 7,2006 5:08pm
Subject: Re: Board -
Let me know if you need any power metal on your label haha.

New:: post by McMahon at Mar 30,2006 1:55pm
Subject: show posting
finally, someone posts it as a SHOW listing!

New:: post by litacore at Mar 3,2006 10:20am
Subject: anoxia review
the link:
best to just search for anoxia, then this will come up

ANOXIA - Intense Killings - CD - Pathos Productions - 2004

review by: Larissa Glasser

Warwick, Rhode Islandís Anoxia have unleashed one of the most memorable and brutal collections of songs this side of the Mississippi River. This listener had the privilege of previewing this CD at the 2003 Maryland Death Fest, and the extremity of the band exceeded my expectations. During the intervening years, my taste has steered more towards black and thrash and away from grind and death, but the now-official release of Intense Killings still manages to entertain.

Highly technical riffs, classical and complex structure, excellent production, and hilarious samples shove this release along without let up. Anoxia have been active in the New England metal scene for about a decade, but this CD captures them at their full maturity.

Closest in style to Origin, Nile, and Suffocation, songs like "Vampiric Whore," "Mausoleum Desecrator," and "Rebirth of Humanity" showcase an offering of engaging technical death that tromps the stones of years with a gargantuan stride. Seek it out. (8/10)

New:: post by litacore at Jan 26,2006 7:26pm
Subject: teratism interview
hi John are you going to show saturday?

I'll bring a Hekseri demo for you

I'll approach Teratism after their set, ask them when they wanna do the interview for Maelstrom.

do you know what time their set is?


New:: post by Robdeadskin at Nov 24,2004 10:40pm
ANOXIA,TERATISM...take shits on old people

New:: post by Lucifera at Nov 23,2004 2:18am
Subject: fix them cds man
hahaha when you finish fixing up your batch of cds and redrum records maybe you can fix mine lol
see you at the next show\m/

New:: post by dyingmuse at Aug 27,2004 7:00pm
Subject: dood
hey do you know anoxia's number. and do you know any other bands that would be good to book for our ri gig on the 8th its a friday. maybe you can help us push this.

thanks man


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