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RTTP Year in Review
Well, what a year that was. 2006, the year that offered so much for all the Satan worshipers (with the 6/6/6 date, the new Deicide, the new Slayer, etc.) who would have guessed that the big winner would have been Jesus? That's right, a two thousand and six year old dude is the winner (Christians and their xChristianxHardcorex music). The other loud rock genres that were in the win category this year were anything called doom or grind. I was a little off base, I thought this year would be the year of Opeth-core. I was wrong. What will be the mega-trend in 2007? The safe bet would be to say “emo” or “that Swedish melodic thing”, but I like living on the edge, I'm going to go with 2007 (which should be God's year 7/7/7) as the blasphemous black metal year. You heard it here first. Go out into the woods, bring your cassette tape boom-box with one mic, and start a fire in the snow while the wolves howl. Pretty soon you will be totally cool in 2007. My resolution for 2007 is to write more and write better, proof-read things before I send them or post them. gr.. that means I have to read over this damn newsletter. (translation: getting Carina to proof-read). Towards the end of 2006, I upgraded the quality of the images that were on RTTP significantly. I'm going to start going back and reprocess all my old pictures when I get a minute. examples RTTP stats: I shot 1,363 performances from 738 bands, taking 88,317 pictures! This was in 80+ venues on 197 days, which was actually 225+ concerts (more than one show a day sometimes). Only 2 live bands in the studio.. hm.. On the Radio Show, I played 2536 songs from 795 bands, but only 2100 unique songs. Also, every show from 2006 is available for download online Reunions: Every old metal band got back together in 2006, playing a show in NYC and LA unless a death got in the way. Deaths: James Brown (the man) Syd Barret (Pink Floyd crazy dude) Jon Nödtveidt (Dissection) Jesse Pintado (Terrorizer, Lock-up, Napalm Death) Lou “Boulder” Richards (Hatebreed) Rich Mills(Grand Belial's Key) Vincent McAllister (Pentagram) corrected, thanks paulie. Geof O'Keefe wrote a tribute to Vincent available here: www.Bedemon.com Other Notables Joseph Barbera & Alex Toth Don Knotts Grampa Munster the dad from nobody loves raymond Paul Gleason (Breakfast Club) Gerald Ford (dead prez) Jack Palance Steve “watch this!” Irwin Mike Douglas Aaron Spelling the dog from Frasier Red Buttons. Wilson Pickett Keith Richards? Still alive. Dimebag Darrel? Still dead. And Finally, Saddam Hussein? Dead. C'mon buddy. Anyhow, I'm fresh off a little break from shows and in 2007, I'm sure there will be more pictures of you doing something dumb. I guess you should start thinking of things. If you need some help, back flips and fire almost always turn out badly.
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