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RTTP Year in Review

well, this is the 2004 YEAR IN REVIEW!!!

how to describe this year? I both can't believe it's over and can't believe how much went on...

New Things!!!

Things have definitely happened this year, like..
1) the new RTTP hoodied sweat shirts click here to order (left: 6 smalls, 9 mediums, 19 larges, 7 xls, and 3 xxls)
2) new RTTP server
3) more shows
4) more live in studio bands
5) this more structured newsletter (sent bi-monthly) - proofread by carina www.defyunlearn.com
6) first show shot outside the US (cryptopsy)
7) the NEMHF black out! a few 1000 kids with nothing to do
8) covering hellfest - 3 days 4 stages and I only missed a couple bands.
9) 2 new RTTP stickers.

RTTP stats:
181 concerts attended
I photographed 1298 performances by 651 different bands.
65256 new pictures added
on the radio:
2553 songs played from 735 bands, 2103 distinct songs.
15 bands performed in studio

Band Reunions

so many bands played reunion shows again this year:
wargasm for 20 years since the start of the band and 10 years since the break up, plus a DVD shoot
cryptopsy canadian DVD shoot
pirate harcore's Scurvy
Torn Asunder
Shallows and Flats
light is the language
Prayer for Cleansing, For Love Of, and Drowningman all at hellfest
Letters from the Dead
Throbbing Gristle first "industrial" band
feces pieces
The Pixes & Misson of Burma

but sorry folks, there will be no ABBA reunions

Venues shutting down...

this year, it seemed like every month, another place for shows would close down. this year we said good bye to the HOSS, the Chopping Block, Fat cat's, exit 23 and possibly the BCCA.

Where are the drummers? Where are the bass-players?
if you are in a band, you lost your drummer and need a bass-player.
Unless you are in agoraphobic nosebleed and then you are very happy indeed.

Foreign Terrorists
if you put on a show with a band from canada/europe, they were considered terrorists and not allowed to tour in the US.

Death To the Name "metalcore"
in 2004, if someone called you metalcore, you were most likely offended.


Mieszko Talarczyk (nasum) lost in thailand tsunami
Dimebag Darrel (damage plan)
Rodney Dangerfield
Ernesto "Ernie" Cortez (bassist of powerhouse)
Arthur Kane bassist for the NY Dolls
John Peel Ledgendary radio DJ
oh.. and seth putnam (ac) beat death

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